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About Us

The first division of PBA will provide a learning experience that will encourage camaraderie, lifelong learning, exploration, confidence, and innovation in young minority girls. Solar Sisters will engage minority girls in a holistic STEM educational approach to encourage diverse internal and external characteristics and uniqueness to thrive in and contribute to a diverse world.


Research shows young children benefit from playful learning by encouraging the use of their imagination, physical, cognitive, and emotional strengths.  The PBA team of six female experts of different backgrounds will utilize various modes of research to create role models and a community of friends to connect young minority girls to STEM education.



The mission of Pursuit of Brilliance Academy (PBA) is to launch young minority girls' interest in STEM education while encouraging worldly views, positive self-esteem, creativity, uniqueness, and to strengthen social awareness to contribute to future endeavors and innovation for our World and beyond.


To educate and build competent, confident, young children for many generations to come.


Dedication, Encouragement, Respect, Brilliance, Individuality

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